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Three Features to Look for as You Purchase Your Next Motorcycle

Buying a new motorcycle never gets easier with time as there is no lack of options available for the passionate rider. Some people like sticking to their brand while others like to branch out and try different makes and models. As a new buyer, however, your goal should always be to choose a model that needs the criteria of power, safety, and style.

Buying a used or new motorcycle usually takes a bit of looking around, but it’s entirely possible to get the best deal in the market if you know what you want. Here are the things that you should look for when you purchase your next motorcycle.

Three features to keep in mind while buying a motorcycle

  1. Motorcycle engine: There is perhaps nothing that you should pay more attention to when buying a bike than its engine. Since this component makes up for the bulk of your ride, it should obviously take top priority among the things to consider. These are the two vital aspects you must look for in a motorcycle engine:
  2. a) Size: You’ve undoubtedly heard people say “bigger the engine, powerful the performance” like it’s a rule engraved in stone. Don’t be fooled by an engine’s physical size; focus on cubic centimeter (CC) value instead. You surely do not need a two-wheeler with a huge engine if your purpose is to travel quickly and efficiently through busy streets.
  3. b) Noise: It’s a fact that bigger engines have greater displacement, which in turn produces a lot more noise. While a lot of people do appreciate the thunderous roar of their two-wheeler, for others it may be quite distracting. Consider buying a bike with a smaller engine if you do not want to affect people’s piece and live in a densely populated area.
  4. Safety features: If you’re a first-time rider, safety should take precedence after the type of motorcycle engine. Look for things bike models that come with safety elements like anti-lock brakes, stability control, system monitoring services such as semiactive suspension, cruise control, tire pressure monitoring, etc.

Remember that life is precious and it’s your duty to protect it at all costs. However, for any accident related injuries, do not hesitate to consult a motorcycle accident attorney.

  1. Motorcycle frame: Do not ever purchase a motorcycle without considering the weight and size of its frame. People’s choice about this aspect varies as some riders prefer heavy motorbikes while others prefer ones with a lighter frame. Two things you should remember about motorcycle frames are:
  2. a) Durability: Since motorcycles need to withstand constant engine vibrations and shock from driving on the road, the frame has to be sturdy. Tubular frame construction has been proven to be more lightweight and durable as opposed to a frame made of solid steel.
  3. B) Weight: if your purpose is to use the motorcycle for daily commute, a lightweight model will be the perfect fit. Bikes with heavier frames, however, make for excellent rides in the long haul. The key here is to find the ideal weight that lets you cruise through the streets like a breeze while providing stability needed for long drives.


Nothing lets people celebrate the spirit of the open road than a motorbike, and with these tips in mind, you’ll be ready to set out cruising in no time.