A Brief Look at a Make Many Model Car Collectors Love

Some cars never seem to go out of style, even if they have not actually been produced for many years. Among collectors of model cars, in fact, vehicles from decades ago consistently rank as some of the most popular. While some collectors might choose to focus on modern sports cars or trucks, most will have at least some appreciation for cars from the classic years of decades past. As visitors to https://fairfieldcollectibles.com/car-make.html will see, certain makes also stand out in especially prominent ways.

While it is also a favorite of those who focus on recent cars, for example, German manufacturer Volkswagen resonates with just about everyone thanks to the cars it produced many years ago. Most important of all of these, of course, is the Volkswagen Beetle, an iconic car so full of character that it has even starred in its own movies. From the relatively humble Beetles first turned out in the late 1930s to the greatly evolved models that flooded the mass market in the 1960s, this is one model of car that just about everyone recognizes and feels an affinity for.

Even if it had only ever produced the Beetle, Volkswagen would probably be a popular make among collectors of model cars. In fact, however, several of its other historical models are nearly as recognizable and well-liked, while having distinct personalities of their own.

The Volkswagen Microbus, for instance, even today instantly brings to mind the freedom and music of the 1960s, with many of them still traveling the world’s roads. Some collectors of model cars own a dozen or more different examples of these miniature buses, with each one having its own features, details, and options.

Volkswagen’s sporty Karmann Ghia is another model that continually attracts the interest of model car collectors. Although it was equipped with the same relatively low-powered engines that motivated the Beetle and the Microbus, the Karmann Ghia had a silhouette and stance that suggested performance and still do today. That has made it a favorite of model car collectors for many years, something that is not likely to change anytime soon. With so many interesting cars throughout its history, Volkswagen has earned its position as a top make among collectors of model vehicles.