How to Explain to Your Wife That This Quality Used Harley Davidson for Sale is the Best Bike for You

Why would anyone be looking at a quality used harley davidson for sale when there are cheaper bikes? There are both practical and intangible reasons. Admittedly, it’s not always easy to explain your preference for a Harley to someone who doesn’t know bikes.

Maybe non-Harley-lovers don’t get it because the most common answer to “What makes a Harley special?” is “You wouldn’t understand.” That’s both non-informative and annoying, especially if you’re talking to someone (like your wife) with serious input on the buying decision.

Harley’s are Heavy

Someone who hasn’t done much riding on the open road won’t appreciate why a big, heavy bike is better. Europeans prefer small, lightweight scooters like Vespas. They’re great for riding in crowded cities, but not suited for American highways. Light motorcycles get blown around and are hard on the body, especially on long rides. A Harley has stability, the result of longer wheelbases and greater rake angles. You don’t spend your time on the motorcycle fighting the bike, but enjoying the ride.

Harley’s are Reliable

Harley’s engines are tough and reliable. There’s a Harley on display at the Sturgis Motorcycle Museum (a must-see if you’re ever in the area) that has traveled 1 million miles. If something goes wrong, there are Harley dealers everywhere so you can get the part you need wherever your ride took you. Emphasize that many Harley riders have had their bikes for years.

You Can Do a Lot of Your Own Work on a Harley

This is a very important point. You can emphasize to the controller of the checkbook that being able to do so much of your own work saves a lot of money. You can also remind your wife that this could make the difference between getting the bike running and making it home on your own or being stuck and needing to call for help. You can always discuss the advantages of a V-twin motor, but saving money and getting home safely will probably outweigh the mechanics.

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