Smart Steps to Starting a Car Scratch Touch Up

The “get what you pay for” adage definitely applies to touch up paint. Tough up paint can be bought on the cheap, but it will pale in comparison to higher quality material. The biggest fault of most touch up paint bought online is that it is thin and runny. It is entirely too watery to really make any kind of impact. What happens is that the paint is applied and it drips down below the scratch. It causes these infuriating drip stains on the material without ever settling onto the scratch itself. Can it hid the scratch? Maybe, but not without causing bizarre drips, a merciless quantity of layers, and a lot of lost time.

What should consumers look out for? The answer is a product component and paint mix called urethane. Urethane offers a steady mix. It actually consolidates well against the scratch without dripping down and deep along the side of the vehicle. It is not reduced, which allows for a far superior consistency. The final result will be much better because the paint being applied can actually hold against the vehicle.

The surface of the car should be cleaned, regardless of the method used. While lying it over with a nice and thick sheen, the car cleansing will work a whole lot better (even with the unpopular basic consumer product).

The dripping effect can happen with all styles of touch up paint. The way to get around this is with a soft and thin application with a glove. Firstly, take a small quantity of the paint and apply it in small and fine circles. Keep this going until the entire scratch is covered. The application should never be thick enough to where it actively drips down. The touch up paint can be smeared in softly and smoothly without ever applying a lot of pressure. Pressure and over-smearing will actually wear and break down the paint components to where it falls apart.

It may take a few application attempts to get it right and it should not be filled and covered in one go. Give it a few runs. Use thin applications. Watch the video at for a full walkthrough, from the product to the final result.